Rig Move Services provides quality Marine, Engineering and Safety Consultancy Services to the marine rig move sector. Our vast database of experienced Rig Movers brings more than 07 years of cumulative experiences and we support various phases such as:


Level Arabia is fully committed to providing the safest work place possible and we are a leading safety performer in our industry.

Success in safety starts at the top. Our Management team is committed to supporting our goal of Zero Accidents through clear communication of our high expectation provision of the resources necessary to achieve results and follow-up to ensure compliance.

Our safety expectations are communicated to each employee at the new-hire orientation and are reinforced through our job Hazard analysis (JHA) program Work plan packages training sessions and regular safety meetings. Appreciation for our strong safety program is shared by both our employees and our customers, Employees are confident that we value and project their well-being and customers recognize that our safety program protects their employees and facilities as well. We are never satisfied. Consequently, we continually evaluate and work to improve our processes to ensure success in safety. HA Linkerss is truly committed to reaching our ultimate goal of working each and every day without an accident.